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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Winners

Posted by Glocker Realty & Insurance on Dec 23, 2021 in News

If you follow us on facebook you know that we just ended our 12 days of Christmas giveaways!  Thank you to EVERYONE that participate, we had over 200 people entered to win!  Here is a recap of all of our winners:

Day 1 – Nicole Noel $50 GC to Red Lobster

Day 2 – Pam Vargo and Beverly Henry Kline (2) $15 Wawa Gift Crads

Day 3 – Judith Roth, Bethany Calderwood, and Jennifer Dawson (3) $15 GC sweet aloha

Day 4 – Bethany Calderwood, Connie Best, Jean Reed, and Pam Vargo -  Night out on the Town

Day 5 – Kim Mellwig, Sherri Grenille, Pam Vargo, Debbie Krepps, and Mary Wuryak  - Eye Glass Kits

Day 6 – Lori Mellon, Jennifer Dawson, Pat Claus, Cindy Zamachli, Dawn Batzel, and Kelvin Bond – Semper Pi Cheesecake

Day 7 – Sharon Sova, Sue Bainbridge, Claire Lynn, Mike Speith, Mark Hayden, Carrie Linder, and Kerry Meredith – candles

Day 8 – Tonette Pace, Mary Wuyak, Stephanie Walker, Cindy Fry, Besty Freese, Pat Dillon, Colleen Dale, and Kelvin Bond – car care packages

Day 9 – Rebecca Elliot, Jennifer Disante, Kristin Lynn, Tina Rogers, Anita Lutz, Timothy Shelly, Tina Moyer, Dan Oskiera, Todd Walker – wine tastings

Day 10 – Mary Lange, Kilary Shellmire, Madeline Kelly Goldpaint, Lauren Varady Rodgers, Chuck Butera, Judy Roth, Rita Sharp, Mandy Witherow, Shannon Nicole Augudio – Coventry Parlor

Day 11 – Kim Wellwig, Beth Watkins Gabel, Karen Trout, Lindsay Cascone, Virginia Walker, Stephanie Gonzalez, Cathy Oconnell, Jackie Anne, Margie Harner, Karen Pumo, and Monica Green Sharp – Susie Q’s

Day 12 – Tricia Delaratis, Lisa Kirkoff, Cheryl Grandy, Erin Stetler, Debbie Stapleton, Ashley Hoffman, Gail Hallman, Sandra Cochran, Melinda Wilkes, April Collins, Tina Moyer, and Nickie Weney - $50 visa card