Tips for making an offer
Everyone wants a bargain. However, most real estate sells for Fair Market Value. It is easy to regret losing the perfect home over a few hundred or even thousand dollars. You need to decide how important a particular property is to you and at what price you are willing to walk away.  

  • Offers must be in writing. 

  • Your offer contains much more than just the price. Settlement date, inclusions, financing terms, and inspection contingencies are a few other terms to consider. 

  • A deposit, sometimes called "good faith" money, will be put in an escrow account when your offer is accepted. This money goes towards your purchase at closing. 

  • Seller Assist - The buyer can ask the seller to pay for some or all of their closing costs as a condition of the offer.  Lenders have requirements as to how much seller assist is allowed.

  • Your Buyer Agent can give you recent comparable sales to help determine the property value.   

  • Contingencies are terms that must be met before you agree to continue with the purchase. Getting a mortgage or inspecting the property are common contingencies. 

  • When competing with other buyers put your best offer forward - you may not get another chance. 

  • A lower price offer can be made stronger with less contingencies. 

  • Above all else ask yourself "What is the home worth to me?"
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